The Phillie Phanatic & Jason Kelce “Best Friends”





October 21st, 2022 will go down in Philadelphia sports history for more than just the Phillies' Game 3 of the NLCS. Prior to the game, the crowd was electrified by the appearance of Jason Kelce, who went into full fan mode by chugging a beer and embracing the Phillie Phanatic mid-air. This unforgettable moment epitomized the essence of Philly sports fandom - grit, hard work, and passion - Something Kelce embodies both on and off the field. Although he is most revered by Eagles fans, Kelce's influence extends beyond football, making him a beloved figure throughout the city. The sight of Kelce's infectious energy combined with the beloved Phillie Phanatic was a surreal moment that no Philadelphia sports fan will ever forget. The unlikely duo that Philly didn't even know it needed. As a fan myself, I couldn't resist capturing this moment in time.