Geaux Tigers Bundle - Print Collection

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The greatest season, the greatest team, and the greatest college quarterback, ever. Relive the LSU Tigers 2019 undefeated season with this Geaux Tigers collection!


(1) Joe Burrow "Burreaux" Art Print - By artist Jordan Spector 

(1) Rony The Tiger “Nighttime In Death Valley” Art Print - By artist Shelli Brown 

(1) Joe Burrow and coach O "Perfection" Canvas - By artist Jordan Spector


The perfect season, the perfect record, and the perfect ending to a legacy. The tale of coach and player that shocked the sports world and a journey that will never be forgotten. Coach Ed Orgeron took a chance on Joe Burrow and he did not disappoint. Look closely at the details and reminisce on an incredible story told through one painting.

The story of Joe Burrow‘s journey will forever be a pivotal part ofcollege football history and inspire for years to come. From being overlooked for years, to winning the Heisman Trophy and the National Championship for LSU, Burrow and the 2019 Tigers will go down as one of the greatest teams of all time.

The message written on the paper in the artwork serves as a reminder to not let anyone define what you can and cannot accomplish. This Heisman Quarterback has a bright future ahead of him. Geaux Tigers! Geaux Burreaux! 


Rony the Tiger is not your average ‘cool cart or kitten’ (Thanks Carole). 

When ‘Rona’ decided to shut the world in, RONY stepped out and started living his best life. He does all the stuff. Goes all the places. Pushes all the envelopes

Dubbed ‘The Most Interesting Cat In The World,’ Rony boldly goes wherever the F he wants, as tigers do. 

The short story is like this... Rony The Tiger was born out of need to connect in a time of isolation, to give happiness, lightness & hope to a freaked out world, and also an underlying desire to DJ (And of course, LSU + Tiger King)