Jalen Hurts: A Rising Star in the NFL

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Jalen Hurts is a name that has been making waves in the world of football since his high school days. From leading his high school team to multiple state championships to earning recognition as a top college quarterback, Hurts has proven time and time again that he has what it takes to succeed on the football field. Now, as the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, Hurts is poised to make his mark in the NFL and cement his place as one of the league's rising stars.

Hurts' football journey began in Channelview, Texas, where he grew up playing football and basketball. He attended Channelview High School, where he quickly made a name for himself as an exceptional quarterback. In his junior year, he led his team to a state championship and was named the Offensive MVP of the game. He followed up that performance with another state championship win in his senior year, solidifying his status as one of the top high school quarterbacks in the country.

After graduating from high school, Hurts committed to play football at the University of Alabama. He spent his first two seasons as the starting quarterback for the Crimson Tide, leading them to back-to-back national championship games. Despite his success, Hurts was benched in the second half of the 2018 championship game in favor of freshman quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. However, Hurts didn't let the setback hold him back. Instead, he used it as motivation to work harder and improve his game.

In his junior year, Hurts decided to transfer to the University of Oklahoma. In his one season with the Sooners, he put up impressive numbers, throwing for over 3,800 yards and 32 touchdowns. He also rushed for over 1,200 yards and 20 touchdowns, becoming the first quarterback in FBS history to throw for 3,000 yards and rush for 1,000 yards in a single season. His success earned him recognition as a finalist for the Heisman Trophy, as well as the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year award.

Despite his impressive college career, there were still doubts about whether Hurts could make it as an NFL quarterback. Some scouts questioned his accuracy as a passer, while others doubted his ability to read defenses and make quick decisions. However, the Philadelphia Eagles saw something in Hurts that others didn't, and they selected him in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Hurts began his rookie season as the backup to starting quarterback Carson Wentz, but he saw significant playing time in several games due to Wentz's struggles. In Week 14, Hurts was named the starting quarterback for the Eagles, and he led them to a surprising upset victory over the New Orleans Saints. In his five starts, he threw for 1,061 yards and six touchdowns, while also rushing for 354 yards and three touchdowns.

Hurts' success as a rookie made him the favorite to continue in Philadelphia, but many fans and analysts continued to question his ability to maintain his role as the Eagles future longer term quarterback. It is safe to say that is no longer the case. Jalen Hurts has improved more in a short period than anyone could have imagined.

 In 2021 Hurts took over as the Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback. There were many games and moments where Hurts showed the true potential he had. Hurts finished the season with 3,402 passing yards and 17 touchdowns, while also rushing for 823 yards and 10 touchdowns. Despite strong numbers for the year and leading the Eagles to the first round of the playoffs many doubters remained and called for a change.

Then the 2022 NFL season changed everything. Hurts did what he has done throughout his entire football career; Rise to the occasion and prove doubters wrong. With the odds against him, Jalen Hurts has cemented himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. In his 19 starts Jalen Hurts finished the season with 4,280 passing yards and 25 touchdowns, while also rushing for 903 yards and 12 touchdowns. With an MVP caliber season Hurts led the Philadelphia Eagles to Super Bowl 57. Despite losing there were no doubts afterwards who the best player on the field was.

In one season Hurts proved to everyone that he has what it takes to be a start quarterback for a long time in the NFL. He has shown poise and confidence on the field, as well as an ability to make plays with his arm and his legs. He has also shown a willingness to learn and improve despite making it to the Super Bowl, which bodes well for his future development as a quarterback.

Now becoming the highest paid player in NFL history Jalen Hurts is the ultimate winner. He signed a 5 year deal worth $255,000,000 including a $23,294,000 singing bonus with $179,300,000 guaranteed. Hurts sacrificed everything he had and put in the work. The future is bright in Philadelphia. 

 “Breed Of One”

Breed of one, a motto fitting for a player that has proven why he is so unique. Jalen Hurts accomplishments are a testament to what he lives and breathes, hard work. The leadership, passion, energy, and focus Hurts brings to the Philadelphia Eagles is unmatched. His story and rise to the occasion, the Eagles 2023 MVP, an NFC championship title, and a trip to Super Bowl LVII inspired me to create this.

 Look closely, every piece I create includes many references and details. Some more obvious than others. In Breed of One you will find the words "Go Birds", "MVP", "LFG", a bald eagle flying with a banner that reads "It’s a Philly thing", Jalen Hurts popular blinged out chain "Breed of one" and lastly 4 numbers on the pillar behind Jalen Hurts left arm reading "12, 5, 7, 1" all representing Philadelphia’s rich history of successful African American quarterbacks.

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