Devonta Smith “KEEP PUSHING”






Devonta Smith has quickly become a top 10 receiver in the NFL. From winning the Heisman Trophy at Alabama to helping the Philadelphia Eagles make it to Super Bowl 57 Smitty continues to impress. HIs unique ability to run crisp routes and make incredible catches anywhere on the field sets him apart. His approach to the game and reliability is something Philadelphia fans appreciate. Which is why The Slim Reaper Devonta Smith is a fan favorite. Despite having a small frame Devonta has the ability to beat any defender on the field.

The concept behind this piece combines both my love for the movie Trilogy The Matrix and the game of football. Specifically the way Devonta Smith plays the game for the Philadelphia Eagles. His acrobatic catches and smooth transitions inspired me to use this theme. Behind Smitty, you can see a glimpse of the iconic Matrix coding made up of popular terms such as "go birds", "go eagles", "slim reaper","smitty" and more. This is certainly one of my best compositions of 2023.