Goldin Mural "LEGENDS ROW"




Legends Row was originally created and installed as a 10 x 60 foot mural for Goldin Co at their headquarters in Runnemede, NJ in January 2022.Collectors from all over the world can appreciate this. If you are in the hobby you know the value these iconic images, cards, comics and collectibles have garnered over the years. From left to right 22 characters complete the walls. This includes Pele, Mia Hamm, Tom Brady, Micky Mantle, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Barry Bonds, Muhammad Ali, Serena Williams, Babe Ruth, Jackie Robison, Michael Jordan, Honus Wagner, Wayne Gretzky, the original Superman, original Wonder Woman, original Batman & Robin, original Zelda, original Mario, original Spider-Man and the greatest Pokémon of them all, Charizard. There is nothing out there quite like this. A true piece of collectibles history.