The Phillie Phanatic & Jason Kelce “Best Friends”

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Each replica is hand signed by Eagles Center Jason Kelce, The Phillie Phanatic, and Artist Jordan Spector. This includes two certificates of authenticity from Spector Sports Art and PSA.

Phillie Phanatic autograph signing (optional) 

Come out June 3rd, from 2-3 pm, to Dynasty Sports & Framing in the Willow Grove Park mall and meet Tom Burgoyne, Dave Raymond (the current and former Phillie Phanatics) and artist Jordan Spector!

**Select "Dynasty Sports & Framing" pick up option at checkout**

You can bring any past Spector piece to get it autographed by Jordan, we will also have prints for sale at the event. For "Best Friends" pick-ups, your pieces will already be signed and ready to go. Additional Autograph tickets for the Phillie Phanatic must be purchased through Dynasty Sports. 


October 21st, 2022 will go down in Philadelphia sports history for more than just the Phillies' Game 3 of the NLCS. Prior to the game, the crowd was electrified by the appearance of Jason Kelce, who went into full fan mode by chugging a beer and embracing the Phillie Phanatic mid-air. This unforgettable moment epitomized the essence of Philly sports fandom - grit, hard work, and passion - Something Kelce embodies both on and off the field. Although he is most revered by Eagles fans, Kelce's influence extends beyond football, making him a beloved figure throughout the city. The sight of Kelce's infectious energy combined with the beloved Phillie Phanatic was a surreal moment that no Philadelphia sports fan will ever forget. The unlikely duo that Philly didn't even know it needed. As a fan myself, I couldn't resist capturing this moment in time.