Eagles Legacy "On The Road To Victory" Canvas






No piece of artwork has been created that represents all of the Philadelphia Eagles rich history, I decided to change that. Originally commissioned by a private client I worked meticiulously to bring this vision to life. Between research, interviews with some of the most well known Eagle historians, and most importantly multiple surveys with all of my fellow Eagles fans this was the end result. There are so many amazing players througout the great history of the Philadelphia Eagles organization and these are the ones you all chose to represent that. 
From left to right the original piece of artwork is 15 feet long. This includes 40 players and coaches from every era. Overall this took over a year to create and has been the most challenging project by far. This is truley a piece of Eagles history and I wanted to make this accessable to each and every Eagles fan. 
Every canvas is custom made and will include a story document telling the story behind this piece and how it came to be. All orders include a FREE 6.5x24 inch mini print replica as well.