Jalen Hurts “Breed Of One” Artist X Athlete Dual Autograph






Each replica is hand signed by Eagles Quarterback Jalen Hurts and Artist Jordan Spector. This includes two certificates of authenticity from Spector Sports Art and Beckett.

Breed of one, a motto fitting for a player that has proven why he is so unique. Since being drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles very few believed in Jalen Hurts ability to become Philadelphia’s franchise quarterback. I think it’s safe to say now that they were wrong. However, no one could have predicted Hurts becoming this dominant this quickly. Jalen Hurts accomplishments are a testament to what he lives and breathes, hard work. A relentless gym rat, Hurts has shown more improvement in just two years than most players show in their entire career. The leadership, passion, energy, and focus Hurts brings to the Philadelphia Eagles is unmatched. His story and rise to the occasion, the Eagles 2023 MVP, an NFC championship title, and a trip to Super Bowl LVII inspired me to create this.

 Look closely, every piece I create includes many references and details. Some more obvious than others. In Breed of One you will find the words "Go Birds", "MVP", "LFG", a bald eagle flying with a banner that reads "It’s a Philly thing", Jalen Hurts popular blinged out chain "Breed of one" and lastly 4 numbers on the pillar behind Jalen Hurts left arm reading "12, 5, 7, 1" all representing Philadelphia’s rich history of successful African American quarterbacks.