Mamba vs. The Answer “ Pound For Pound”




- Mamba vs The Answer -

Two prodigies that changed the game of basketball forever in their own unique ways. Since 1996 Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson were forever intertwined. Having joined the league at the same time this was destined to be a unmatched rivalry. Iverson was unlike anyone in the NBA, a undersized guard who consistently challenged players a foot talker than him. Kobe was also unlike anyone in the NBA, a fearless and relentless player who outworked everyone.
With the passing of the Kobe Bryant in early 2020 it became clear just how much respect and compassion both competitors had for each other. Evident by the numerous tributes expressed from Iverson. Bryant once admitted he spent years trying to figure out how to beat AI and Iverson called Kobe one of the fiercest competitors he ever faced. There will never again be a matchup quite like this.