Patrick Mahomes “SHOWTIME”






Patrick Mahomes is the NFL's rising star and leading contender for the coveted "GOAT" title. Since joining the Kansas City Chiefs, Mahomes has led his team to the pinnacle of NFL success, earning the admiration of the Chiefs Kingdom and football fans worldwide. With his incredible off-balance throws, scrambling ability, and magical plays, Mahomes is a force to be reckoned with on the field. He possesses all the qualities of a franchise QB and has achieved unprecedented success in the NFL. As the MVP of the league, Mahomes is the epitome of Showtime.

Look closely and you’ll discover references to his Mahomes nickname “Showtime”, the words "chiefs kingdom," and even markings on player entrance structures representing his wins. His wristband showcases his two Super Bowl victories and a famous quote inspiring people of all races and backgrounds to pursue their dreams. With Mahomes at the helm, the future of the NFL looks bright, and there's no telling how high he'll soar.