Philadelphia Phillies Dream Scene By Jamie Cooper






Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the Philadelphia Phillies.

The original work is a 14 x 4 foot classic oil painting depicting the ultimate moment for Phillies fans, proudly on display at Citizens Bank Park Ball Stadium. A clubhouse scene featuring the cream of Phillies talent from the past 125 years. A time machine has transported legends from all eras to the clubhouse at Citizens Bank. Here they are brought to life in one moment in time to mingle and compare notes on how the game should be played.

From left to right, standing:

Jimmy Rollins joins in the fun with fellow shortstop Larry Bowa who shows his usual passion and enthusiasm for whatever topic is at hand. From Rollins’ locker pumps his favorite wrap music.

Behind them Lenny Dykstra watches on with a cheek full of tobacco and looking as pumped as ever. Note the brown stain on the carpet at his feet.

Darren Daulton was known to have a lounge chair in the clubhouse to rest his battered body.  He is covered in ice packs and bandages. The one on his left hand is due to him on one occasion putting his fist through the wall of the change room in a moment of frustration. What is that alarm clock in is locker all about?

Chase Utley and 2008 World Series MVP Cole Hamels hold up the Holy Grail after the 2008 triumph. Another world series winning pitcher Steve Carlton places a hand of congratulations on Coles’ shoulder and symbolically hands over the baton form one great “lefty” to another. Also note the VUK patch on Chase’s right arm that all Phillies wore in 2007 in honor of the much-loved former player and coach. 

Slugger Ryan Howard jokes with 1930’s left hand big hitter Chuck Klein on who hits the furthest. Ryan no doubt is pointing out how small Baker Bowl was and how it favored the lefties. Chuck doesn’t look too impressed.

4 famous hitters stand centre stage.

Del Ennis, All star in rookie year 1946 who hit the winning run on Sept. 6th, 1952 v Boston Braves in the bottom of the 17th. with a broken wrist (note the ice pack).He stands along side Mike Schmidt who broke his home run record in 1980 and finished with 548. Richie Allen, rookie of the year in 1964 did it tough, enduring constant racial slurs but still became one the club’s best as a power hitter of the 60’s and 70’s. Johnny Callison another great hitter of the 60’s completes the fabulous 4.

4 pitching heroes hang out together in the background: Jim Bunning, Jim Konstanty, Robin Roberts and Grover Alexander. Old Pete shows the secret to his success. He honed his skills on the farm in Nebraska as a boy throwing rocks at rabbits.

Always the livewire, a smiling Tug McGraw holds up his victorious left hand in memory of the series winning pitch in the 1980 World Series. Perhaps he’s having a laugh at Bob Boone who drops a ball remembering that famous spill that was mopped up by Pete Rose in the 9th inning of game 6 in the 1980 WS. Tony Taylor gets in on the joke. The ever-present Garry Maddox waits in case of any further spills.

Two old mates reunited again, have a chat, as they always liked to do. In this case a young Harry Kalas interviews Richie Ashburn as he was back in his heyday, 1950. In Ashburn’s locker is a sorry letter to Alice, a fan who legend has it, he hit twice in one game when foul balls landed in the crowd.


The Phanatic sits back and takes it all in. He represents all Phillies fans in his appreciation of the scene that is before him. This surely is any Philly phanatic’s idea of heaven. In typical cheeky fashion he sits himself down right in the middle of a meeting of minds between Paul “pope” Owens, Charlie Manuel and Dallas Green.

Note the rose in the vase in front of Dallas Green. Pete Rose is a Philly favorite and in this scene he is with us in spirit.

Original artwork 2009, oil on canvas 14ft x 4 ft, Citizens Bank Park PA.