Saquon Barkley "Born To Run"





Who would've thought, Saquon Barkley, a Philadelphia Eagle! Ever since he shocked the world at Penn State, I’ve been a big fan. Even while he played for the Giants, I couldn’t help but root for him despite being an Eagles fan. Now, a new era begins. With one of the best offensive lines in football, Saquon may finally become the running back everyone knows he is capable of being. In Happy Valley, Saquon is a legend, and now I can’t wait to see the same transpire in Philadelphia. There was no uniform more fitting for this than the Kelly Green.

If you look closely, you’ll discover many fun details. For this piece, I wanted to include the journey from Saquon's time as a Penn State Nittany Lion to now as an Eagle. In the background on the left, you’ll find a lion hiding in the smoke, followed by Saquon in his all-white Penn State uniform. With the new additions, this piece now has Saquon in the Kelly Green uniform with the Philadelphia skyline. Saquon is captured performing his signature juke. Lastly, to tie it all together is the electricity throughout, representing the energy Saquon brings to the field.